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Six Sigma Methodology


Windwood Consulting applies Six Sigma methodology to business processes with the goal of eliminating wasted time, money, resources and effort. Created by Motorola in 1987, Six Sigma is a proven set of tools designed to help companies increase quality by:

  • Defining goals

  • Measuring and Analyzing current practices

  • Improving organizational processes

  • Establishing Controls to sustain achieved goals

This Six Sigma formula, known as DMAIC, can help you achieve top business performance in competitive local and global markets.

While Six Sigma was originally developed for the manufacturing environment, current business models show the effectiveness of this methodology in service-related businesses. Within these environments, such as financial services, health care and e-business, among others, Six Sigma looks at all processes needed to run a company from marketing to customer service as opportunities for improvement.

For more information on Six Sigma, we recommend the following resources:

  • Books:

    • Six Sigma: Beyond the Factory Floor, by Ronald D. Snee and Roger W. Hoerl

    • Customer Centered Six Sigma: Linking Customers, Process Improvement and Financial Results, by Earl Naumann and Steven H. Hoisington

    • Six Sigma for the Office: A Pocket Guide, by Roderick A. Nunro

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