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          The Advantages of Quality


Do your employees resolve customer issues on the first call or the third? Do shipments arrive at a customer’s door when promised or whenever they get there? Do you spend most of your time growing business or fighting fires?

It all comes down to quality. When you have the kind of processes in place that create a quality experience for your customers, costs go down and productivity goes up. Regardless of workforce size, project scope, or workload, your entire team becomes more energized and efficient. You can even pass on lower costs to your customers, offering them the best of both worlds – quality service at a great price. This puts you in a position where it is possible to:

  • Boost profits

  • Expand market share

  • Build positive recognition for your company

  • Breed customer loyalty

  • Create happier employees

The advantages of quality are both significant and measurable. In fact, according to a 2004 survey by the American Society for Quality, 99% of 600 senior executives surveyed stated that quality contributes positively to the bottom line. The most-often mentioned reason for their belief was a measured increase in revenue through repeat business, referrals and customer loyalty; less rework; and savings on labor and materials *

Let the business process and quality improvement services at Windwood Consulting help you maximize the performance and success of your business.

* Greg Weiler, “What Do CEOs Think About Quality?”, Quality Progress, May 2004, 52-56


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